Monday, October 09, 2006

How to fight a traffic ticket

A How-To tip of the day from WikiHow focuses on "How to fight a traffic ticket." Interesting stuff - I wonder if readers have any additional suggestions?

One addition I'd offer to the advice given: As the referee routinely says to prize fighters before every boxing match, "Protect yourself at all times." Refuse any request by the officer at the scene to search your vehicle. Click on the icons below for information on how to refuse police searches, provided by the organization Flex Your Rights.


Catonya said...

Here's a tip for not getting the ticket after you've been stopped...

When the officer asks for proof of insurance, ALWAYS say you can't find it, even if you have it and know where it is.

A citation for no insurance coverage is one of the highest. Unless you did something really really bad to get stopped, the officer will almost always cite you for no insurance and let you slide on the other offense.

The insurance citation will be dismissed by presenting your proof of insurance to traffic court. Dismissal fee is around $10.

It's worth risking $10 considering what a speeding ticket will do to your insurance premium.

(my success rate using this tip has been 100%)

Anonymous said...

And for God's sake be polite. It can't hurt.

Anonymous said...


Polite = Not calling the cop a dick. Questions are okay.


Nice trick. Watch out for those juridictions that make arrests and/or impound your vehicle for no insurance as part of their policy.