Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Death Before Dishonor?

The so-called "stop snitching" movement first achieved national publicity in Baltimore with the production of a DVD by the same name featuring NBA star Carmelo Anthony. Now a new hip-hop-inspired DVD called "Death Before Dishonor" will be released by Ruffnation Films on November 7. Here's a description from the Rap News Network:
Is Rap superstar, “50 Cent” a snitch? Ja Rule lets loose in an exclusive interview, accusing 50 of having cops on his payroll. The Game, Sheek Louch, Antoine Clark of FEDS Magazine and many others also weigh in on the multi-platinum selling artist’s street credibility. In a never-before-seen interview, Lil’ Cease responds to accusations that he snitched on Lil’ Kim. Should Busta cooperate with the NYPD? What did former Wu-Tang Clan manager Lord Mike really tell the feds? Answers to all these questions are revealed here!

In addition to the exploration of hip-hop’s response to the stop snitchin’ movement, Torres visits neighborhoods in New York and Philadelphia, as well as community and government organizations, police, and FBI to gain their perspectives. High-profile cases from the saga of notorious mob snitch Sammy the Bull Gravano, to the tale of Harlem legend Guy Fisher are all highlighted, complete with commentary from noted journalists, intellectuals and other filmmakers.
In other snitch-related news, it's obvious that Enron's Andrew Fastow doesn't subscribe to the 'Death Before Dishonor' mindset. His sentence was reduced recently in exchange for snitching on Jeff Skilling, the late Ken Lay and other Enron higher-ups. See prior Grits posts on snitching.

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