Friday, October 06, 2006

Texas failed schools generating crime

Texas has long claimed 85% graduation rates, with President Bush calling the state a model for his "No Child Left Behind" initiative. In reality, it turns out, fewer than 70 percent of Texas students graduate, including less than half of minority students in Houston and Dallas ("Experts claim Texas graduation rates inflated," Houston Chronicle, Oct. 6).

I've argued before that failure of the educational system to treat dyslexia contributes to crime. These statistics cause me to think a failed educational system in general has become its own indirect crime generator. In the modern information economy, if you can't read and have no skills what would you choose to do? Pick onions or sell drugs?


800 pound gorilla said...

Schools will do what they have to survive. And no government institution is more micromanaged by legisliars than school. And at least half involves "socialization" or lying about those in authority. It sickens me to go to school assemblies where my children perform and hear speakers prattle on about soldiers in the Mid East "fighting for our freedom" when all they are doing is messing up peoples' lives for those in authority.

Legisliars need to allow more local control and more freedom for schools to do what they have to do - to ensure that children learn and - more importantly - understand what they learn. Only problem is that if they understood what's going on the legisliars would be out of business. And that's why they cram so much garbage down the throats of school children. If they learn how to understand how things work it's despite the school curriculums - or due to rogue teachers - and not because of the curriculum.

Anonymous said...

Say 800 pounder...

Why are you not homeschooling your children?