Monday, October 09, 2006

Google site search working again

Thank heavens! I'd complained that Google's site search function wasn't working last week, and it really gave me some problems - I didn't quite realize I'd become so reliant on that particular research tool. It was down most of the week, then working on and off for a few days, but since Saturday appears to be functioning normally again.

If you're trying to search Grits (or any website) for something specific, here's an explanation of how to use that Google tool to do so more thoroughly than the blog search function at the top left corner of blogspot blogs like Grits. (The explanation is also permanently linked right underneath the 'Recommended Grits recipe' in the sidebar.)

Happy searching!

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Anonymous said...

I've gotten to like GSS too. It makes it much simpler to find material without going through the site's structure. Also a good tool for fishing for material on sites you're not sure have what you're looking for. i use the google toolbar w/ the sitesearch button in firefox (tabs are great too). Also, Google Desktop can index network drives, so if your office doesn't have ISYS it's a great alternative (actually, it's superior in a lot of ways)