Monday, January 22, 2007

Lost ... in jail

Here are two stories that are both starting to feel quite repetitive:

First, another case of someone lost in a Texas county jail system for more than a year, this time in Kaufman County, where a Spanish-speaking man remained incarcerated and unaccounted for until his probation officer began to check why he'd missed a year's worth of meetings. Officials say a new public defender office will help prevent it from happening again. That hasn't always helped in Dallas.

Meanwhile, neighboring Dallas County has recorded its 12th recent DNA exoneration, this time a man falsely accused of child rape. The case involved yet another instance of mistaken eyewitness identification. I hope this will give pause to those who would enact the death penalty for such crimes.


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me, How can you lose a person in jail???? Did the jailers just quit counting the offenders???

Anonymous said...

I think it is time the Feds come in and see what is going on at some of the jails in Texas. The beatings for no reason that happen in Harris County done by jailers because a man refuses to accept a plea deal, now this comes from the Judge and no one else. Harris County, Dallas Co. and Ector County jails need to be dumped out and started over. Too many innocent people are being crippled for life by these mean "criminal" jailers and the Feds need to come in and take over. It is high time to stop this abuse. We are all God's children and what is being done in especially the three jails listed above has been proven many times and there are eye witnesses. Time to stop this insanity!!!!