Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Video from protest of facility detaining immigrant children

Disallowed from providing holiday-themed entertainment on Christmas Eve for detained immigrant families and their children in a Williamson County detention facility, a number of activists held a "vigil" outside the facility instead. See this video, "Imprisoning Innocence," posted on YouTube interviewing vigil participants as to why they came. For most, the answer was simple: Imprisoning children who've committed no offense in a penitentiary setting is wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Notice how the American media are not covering this.

Find a way to get a half dozen foreign news teams camped out front, reporting to the world at large, and changes will happen.

At first the authorities will try to scare the press away. If that fails, they will move the kids to another 'secure facility', perhaps to a location less accessible to the press, such as China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center in the Mojave Desert.