Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why Does Andy Griffith Hate America?

In a headline at Reason Hit and Run that, as one commenter said, is "pure poetry," Radley Balko asks "Why Does Andy Griffith Hate America?"

Why, indeed? Does that take you back, or what? My guess: Today some prosecutor would have gone after noble Andy for destroying evidence, claiming all parts of the tape that didn't contain conversation with defendant's attorney should be admissible.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Howard has produced a pro-Obama ad, and included Andy Griffith.
Well, at least Ron Howard admits he's "desperate." He must be: the vast majority of respondents indicate that celebrity endorsements have no effect on their opinion, or how they vote.
As a lifelong fan of the Andy Griffith Show, I am disappointed in Griffth's endorsement of Obama, but not in the least surprized. Not many conservatives in Hollywood; even those who hail from North Carolina.
I can't help but wonder how Andy Taylor would have explained Bill Ayers, extreme liberalism, Marxism, media bias, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan or ACORN to Opie. After all, the worst they citizens had to worry about was Ernest T's rock through a window. There was no domestic terrorist character planting bombs at the Mayberry courthouse, or the Taylor home. "Free speech" didn't yet extend to terrorism back then. Nor was the local minister a hate-filled black liberation theologist. And, I wonder how the citizens would respond to a politician's anti-gun voting record? Ah, those were simpler times!
Griffith made his fame and fortune with the Andy Griffith Show, portraying a down-home, Southern conservative, good ol' boy sheriff. For forty years, liberals have scoffed at the "hokey, cornball" residents of Mayberry, while working-class folks have seen Mayberry and its' citizens as quintessentially American conservative: clinging to their guns and their religion. Now, I suppose, the left has fallen in love with Andy Griffith.
Unfortunately, Mayberry will never be the same for millions of Andy's viewers - the bulk of his fan base. I for one have lost all respect for Andy Griffith, and not only will never see the Andy Griffith Show the same way, but will avoid watching it ever again.
Hard to watch Andy and Opie and remember simpler times faced with the reality of the actors growing up - and quite old - to support someone who in no way stands for what America means to millions of Americans, the media messiah Barak Obama.
The desperate Mr Howard and the geriatric, senile Mr Griffith have only made me more steadfast in my opposition to Obama.
So, in this case, celebrity endorsements HAVE had an effect on a me, and I dare say a large number of voters; just not the one they hoped for.
I shall not be amongst the Global Village Idiots for Obama on November 4th.