Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Waiting lists for programs heighten prison overcrowding

According to Dr. Tony Fabelo speaking at a legislative hearing this afternoon, waiting lists for treatment programs and transitional housing are causing delays in releasing parole eligible offenders from Texas prisons:
    Current Waiting Lists for
    TDCJ Treatment Programs
Substance Abuse Felony Punishment: 823
In-prision therapeutic community: 174
Halfway houses: 600
The waiting lists, said Fabelo, not only create backlogs but also suppress use of the programs in general because many officials simply don't assign offenders to programs because the wait is too long.

According to Senate Criminal Justice Chairman John Whitmire, 1,900 offenders incarcerated today are eligible for parole but waiting for space in a mandatory six month treatment program to open up before they can be released. Another 1,700 offenders have already been paroled, he said, but cannot be released because the state does not have adequate re-entry programs, halfway houses, etc.

Interesting stuff. No wonder the prisons are overcrowded. See more background on the lack of transitional housing contributing to prison overcrowding.


Anonymous said...


Thanks Brother, just what I was looking for!

Anonymous said...

Our rehab is non-existent. And until some of the people in the higher positions are removed, nothing will change. I for one and sick and tired of the bull that goes on in courts. Talk about a waste of time and tax payors money! Our court system is just that.

Our County jails are full of people awaiting transfer to prisons which are 500 beds over capacity right now. What are they going to do now, stack them in beds that reach the ceiling. Release those who are not threat to society and have plans for a life and families who love them. Make the BPP do their job and release those who deserve to go home and have the support and jobs waiting for them. For the sake of God, listen to what is being said by the people in the know and stop this insanity! I am ashamed of the State I grew up in and the way people are treated. Get rid of the filth who makes this the filthy State it has become. Not all crooks are behind bars, some of them sit in high priced offices and make decisions regarding others lives and they have families who break the laws and they are allowed to just overlook this by simply getting another Judge buddy to sign to keep the record hidden.

Anonymous said...


WELL SAID!!! Sadly those who are ADDICTED to the power and money from " PEOPLE RANCHING FOR PROFIT ", claim to be of faith also. How despicable and disgusting is that? Knowing you feed your family and children off the pain and misery " YOUR SELFISHNESS AND BIASES causes others, should tell us ALL they only care about themselves!!!

The sad things is there is only a handful for these self-serving political parasites, and we let them get away with it?? WHY???

Anonymous said...

first I was in the byrd unit with a man who was at one of the private prisons who bragged quite a bit at how easy it was to get the guards to get him meth, and ciggarettes to sell, he just offered the part of the proceeds. because they pay so poorly and use people who have little training the facilitys are wide open for abuse by guards, he even had access to the internet working in the office. Some one should realy be asking the questions why does tdcj need all this money to run facilitys that could make a profit, and be self suffecent. If I had 200-400 acres of land, cattle, hogs, and chickens, my own water purification system, and all the free labor i could handle the prisoners would eat well the guards and we would make a proffit, instead the decided to sell or lease out many of the lands they owned out right????? someone ought to be watching the crooks that are in charge of watching the crooks at the tax payers expense in the 100's of millions of dollors but the use of fear can get you a lot hug

Anonymous said...

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