Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday morning web roundup

I'm a little under the weather this a.m., so instead of writing something myself, why don't we see what other folks are saying around the web?

First things first, give a hearty welcome to the blogosphere to Thinking Outside the Cage, a new blog from the Colorado Criminal Justice Coaltion. Also, here are a few other notable items from the blogs:

The Back Gate asks whether the name "trusty" in Texas prisons deserves the title? UPDATE: Here's Part Two of the story. They also highlighted a story about how the increase in suicides among Texas prisoners correlates to the use of solitary confinement.

Larry James contemplates "Prison and Prayer," wondering whether most churches are praying for their incarcerated parishioners, and whether prayer is enough.

From Subtopia, read Orwellian Wormholes, a terrific post about cross-border tunneling.

Doc Berman has an item on yet another Texas death penalty case where the Supreme Court is likely to bench slap Texas capital sentencing titled, "Supreme Court grants cert on capital mental illness issue."

Jeralyn at Talk Left relates that an audit found the DEA can't properly account for seized assets.

And I also saw several items from the MSM recently that merit Grits readers' attention:

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