Friday, January 26, 2007

Texas Bills Filed So Far By Topic

What issues interest you in Texas politics? Read what bills have been filed by topic at the 80th Texas Lege. Legislators can and will continue to file bills until the final hours of the 60th day of the session, which this year is March 9.

UPDATE! Committee assignments are out for the 80th Texas House of Representatives! Here's the list. More soon on who's where and what it might mean, but for starters, congrats to Texas' best-known blogger/legislator Aaron Peña on his elevation to chair of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

: Billy Clyde has a first blush blog analysis. Paul Burka has Jim Pitts' reaction. Rick Perry vs. the World has several items analyzing committee assignments. Capitol Annex runs through the list. See also the Houston Chronicle, Austin Statesman, Startlegram, and AP coverage.


Anonymous said...


Brother can you tell me if any bills have been introduced to address the following. It is my understanding that OVER 10,000 inmates have been made eligible for parole, YET REMAIN in prison due the requirement they go through a treatment program before going back to the streets? Many set in prison for MONTHS waiting for a opening at these few facilities??? Would it not make better sense to relieve the tax payers of the " DAILY " expense of 10,000 inmates “ ALREADY PROVEN TO BE PAROLE ELIAGBLE “ by sending them home and then requiring them to show up when an opening becomes available, or at the very least let them seek this treatment out side the inadequate prison system as an alternative??

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Rusty, watch this week: There is a joint House Corrections / Senate Criminal Justice hearing Tuesday where supposedly we're going to see some proposals on that. See here, and here for more background on the topic. Also the Sunset Commission report discussed it too. Though I hadn't heard exactly the 10,000 number, it's definitely a lot of folks. Best,

Anonymous said...


Excellent info, THANKS! I think we can all agree it will take some time to ween those addicted to this CAS COW called the war on drugs and the profits made from turning our prisons in to " PEOPLE RANCHING FOR PROFITS "! It is truly a sad day when the supposed freest country on earth which only has 5% of the worlds population, has 25% of those doing prison time on this planet IN OUR PRISONS!More than ANY other country on earth, how does that fit with the lable of freest country? Have our freedoms so many sacrificed for now become a myth sacrificed for " SOMES " self serving agendas and bigotry and biases??? THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE!!!

Anonymous said...

Rusty. It's good to see you posting again. I was kind of worried about you. Just the other day I read how you came to join L.E.A.P. and I want you to know that I, among many, appreciate so much what you are doing.

Anonymous said...


Thanks!:) :) Many still don't realize how hard it was for those who were a part of this failed policy called the war on drugs. To one day look in the mirror and have to admit your actions were doing more harm than good! We don't claim to have all the answers, we just want the subject brought out in to the open and then HONESTLY discussed using reality and facts, instead of fear and hype and BS!


Rusty White

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rusty. Thank you, L.E.A.P..

Integrity is a wonderful thing to see in action. Thank you.