Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bexar Sheriff resigns over bribery scandal

Bexar County Sheriff Ralph Lopez resigned yesterday as part of a plea agreement to clear up bribery allegations related to actions by his campaign manager and a golfing trip he took with a vendor last year and failed to report. See prior Grits coverage:


Anonymous said...

I know this is off the subject, but I still do not see that trash can when I click on comments. This is in case I wanted to delete a past comment. Also how do we contact you, your email?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

The email is shenson[at]

If you're not seeing it maybe you've got cookies turned off on your computer or something and it doesn't recognize you. It should let you delete comments if you're on the same computer you made them on. best,

Anonymous said...

I noticed the sheriff's wife was getting dragged into the investigation. That was a sure fire way to get the sheriff to plead out and close the investigation. Also $10,000 is much cheaper than a three count jury trial legal bill.

If the guy wasn't guilty too bad he had to plead out. If he did what they say then the state got off cheap and justice was served. Too bad we will never know. I am sure Politics had no part to play in this investigation.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new in BEXAR COUNTY! Every director, Chief etc., act like they own their department and could care less about those who work under them or the public that pay their salaries . Look at the Bexar County Adult probation department and it's mean spirited chief.....The sheriff probably pissed off her heiness, DA Susan Reed. He should have known better.