Thursday, March 08, 2007

Around the web

While I take care of a few things this morning, let me point readers to some interesting news articles on Texas criminal justice issues that caught my eye:
Looking for more? These blogs all have good recent posts on Texas crime and punishment topics:


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if a cop, egged on by one of these overzealous prosecutors, tried to hassle a female legislator, minding her own business and LEGALLY carrying a gun in her car for the sake of protection? Murphy's law being what it is, I think it is inevitable that this stupid situation, a group of prosecutors opposing passed legislation, explode one day like the Tulia situation did. Texans have ALWAYS been pretty independent, gun liking, self defense oriented people. Then there's that pesky constitutional amendment about the right to bear arms. Throw that into the mix. Someone with testicles SHOULD legally carry a gun around in their car and challenge this situation to see what happens and air it out like dirty linen. I know that it's normal for the executive branch of the government to but heads with the legislative branch of the government, but the legislative branch has spoken and executive needs to get over it. Sort of like when Perry attempted to FORCE all young ladies to have the pappiloma virus vaccine.

Here's an even funnier scenario. What happens when a white, male, middle aged professional carrying a gun for law abiding purposes (maybe he's on the way to the bank to deposit cash from his legitimate business)gets pulled over by one of these cops egged on by a prosecutor that does not believe in the legislative process?

Texas is a HUGE state. I'm sure not all prosecutors fail to support the legislature's decision on the right to carry a weapon in your car for self defense.

Anonymous said...

What other laws are the DAs ignoring? What other laws are the police breaking?

Shameful, truly.