Friday, March 30, 2007

Help Out Inside Books

If you're in Austin and have some spare time this weekend consider helping the Inside Books Project with their semiannual book distribution work party. Here are the detials:
Inside Books Project Work Party set for March 29 – April 1 at the Rhizome Collective - 300 Allen St, Austin, TX 78702,

Four days. Seventy-eight hours. Over 150,000 prisoners to serve. The Inside Books Project will work around the clock from Thursday March 29 to Sunday April 1, sending thousands of books to incarcerated people in Texas.

Last year, the Inside Books Project sent over 25,000 books to prisoners in Texas. This year, as more prisoners have learned about our services, book requests have continued to increase. We are excited and daunted by this increase. We have never felt more effective in our mission of using books as catalysts for change in the lives of prisoners and in the system that has incarcerated them. At the same time, we have never felt so overwhelmed by book requests.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, the Inside Books Project hosts a four-day-long Work Party—an opportunity for our whole extended family of volunteers to get together in a fun, festive atmosphere and accomplish tons of work. Food, music, prizes, massages, and beverages will be provided.

The Work Party runs from 6PM Thursday, March 29 - 11:59PM Sunday, April 1. We invite volunteers to just show up at our 300 Allen St. location and plug in. See you there!

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a wonderful project. What do I need to tell my son to do to get information so he can be included in the next "send out"? He is at the Tulia T.F. and I am retired with little money to send him books.