Thursday, March 15, 2007

What do Susan Criss and Richard Posner have in common?

From a story about judicial blogging this morning in the Houston Chronicle, writer Mary Flood describes what two blogging judges have in common - Galveston District Judge Susan Criss and 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner:

Criss, like Posner before her, started her adventure by filling in for another blogger. For Criss, it is was on the Austin-based Texas political blog "Grits for Breakfast." Posner said he posted on the "Lessig Blog" of a California law professor who once clerked for him.

Both judges said they simply obey the same rules they would speaking in any other forum.

"You can't just run your mouth so much that you'd be recused all over the place," Criss said.

:) Read the whole piece, which also features federal District Judge Jerry Buchmeyer's humor blog and another Texas judical blog I was unaware of before from state District Judge Gil Jones. And don't neglect to visit Judge Criss' blog, As the Island Floats. Update your blog rolls accordingly.

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