Friday, March 09, 2007

Updates on the criminalization of business, jail diversion for the mentally ill, police as "community caretakers," and the War on Sniffles

Several non-TYC related stories around the web deserve readers' attention, and also show, IMO, why you're not fully informed if you don't read blogs in addition to the MSM. We need both, and this afternoon that's what we've got:
  • Billy Clyde says lobbying the Texas Lege would be more fun without clients or the Internet.
  • A Texas appellate court, says the Fourth Amendment blog, says an erratic driving motion does not justify a traffic stop based on a "community caretaking function."
But if you really can't get enough of your TYC fix today, Kuff has more on an underpublicized story in Corsicana, and South Texas Chisme says there's plenty of blame to go around. "No need to be stingy."

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