Monday, March 19, 2007

Corrections, Law Enforcement Committee Previews

The Texas House Law Enforcement and House Corrections Committees both meet today. See Grits previews of their meeting agendas:

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Anonymous said...

Does the Legislature know there is a law suite being readied for filing against them for not re-instating goodtime and work time? This was an enexcusable bill to remove this in the beginning and one reason the prisons are so full. There are a lot of Inmates who would if released and have learned a skill make very good citizens but when they are released, they are forced to sign their accrued good time and work time back to the TDCJ. This is wrong and if not taken care of in this session, the suite will go forward.

Just what Texas needs, more national coverage showing how little the system cares for our people. Those who behave, serve their time and have built up substantion good time and work time should be rewarded with being able to keep this good time and work time and have it applied to their parole time.

The suite is well on it's way and will be filed if these privileges are not restored and retro'd back to the time they were taken away by a Legislature and Governor who evidently thought this would make them look tough, when in fact all that it has done is fill prisons beyond capacity, produce people who lose the ability to think of themselves as humans and cost all of us more money than needed when we have so many other needs.

Think this over Lege, this is building and we don't need this type of scandal now or ever.