Monday, March 26, 2007

Today at the Lege

See Grits' previews of today's criminal-justice related committee agendas at the Texas Legislature:
UPDATE: The Corrections Commitee meeting was this morning and the video will be available soon here. Other hearings may be viewed live - links to streaming video are on this page.

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Anonymous said...

Youth that have their length of stay extended at TYC has to be approved by Central Office, if a youth receives a level I or II hearing it goes to Central Office for approval or disapproval. But if you listen to Kimbrough or Mr. Owens this is a function of the field, the House has no clue what they are doing when they get lies from two men who do not know how the system works. Why not ask former TYC Administrators to assist so they don't look so confused and we get honest answers. The system was not ran from the top and we all know this but we are not going anywhere with this crew. Youth had their stay extended because he had too many socks!!! I have a bridge I want to sale you Mr. Kimrough!! The Resocialization program itself keeps youth in the system, who designed this plan and ensures all the staff in the field follow it, it is not the field. Lets get to the bottom of this but lets find the right folks to do this, right now we dont have it.