Monday, March 19, 2007

Do you know your rights at a traffic stop?

Take the quiz from Flex Your Rights to see if you know your constituional rights when police pull you over at a traffic stop. Via Drug War Rant.


800 pound gorilla said...

This quiz is tricky because legisliars are constantly passing constitutionally weak legislation and pushing the envelope. The problem is that these laws have to be challenged. It took 34 years to challenge the Marihuana Tax Act that was clearly a scam and nobody has challenged the obvious scam known as the Constrolled Substances Act. That one is trickier because the the law was clearly written without objective standards. Is it constitutional to give a small group of people so much power to change laws? Can the government ban personal use of a good or service without having to demonstrate harm - as the DEA actually does? The fact that the demonstration of harm is strongly implied but not stated make that challenge far more problematic.
It's similar to the claim that cigarette companies mislead consumers into believing that their product was safe. They would claim that real studies were flawed - but later, when sued would claim that "everybody knew" how harmful cigarette use was. Any suit about the CSA would face similar obstacles. When the lack of testing was shown, the DEA would simply state "but we never claimed that the we actually did studies or set specific thresholds for banning drugs". Just read the actual law.
BTW, the first time I attempted a post there were no characters to enter in the image. Did you type using invisible ink?

Hooman Hedayati said...

cool I got 7 out of 8 correct!