Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Back Gate: Ed Owens wrong leader for TYC

The Back Gate, a blog run by Texas prison guards, says the Governor made the wrong choice selecting TDCJ's number two man, Ed Owens, to run the Texas Youth Commission. Owens' first act as TYC chief was to send a letter to all staff that some employees found threatening. But the BackGaters bring forward more serious allegations: Owens himself, the blog reports, may have been involved in covering up a sex scandal at TDCJ. Opined the Back Gate's Doug Glass:
The man who was said to have helped cover up allegations of sex of another kind was selected Friday as Rick Perry's answer to an ailing TYC that included it's own cover-ups. Sammy Buentello, was once famous in Huntsville as a gang guru for TDCJ, but now infamous for another act in Huntsville,sexual assault and sexual harrassment. Buentello was found guilty in Walker county for his preverse acts against several subordinates on the job with him at his Huntsville TDCJ office. During the investigation into the issues, it was said that Owens acted as if he had on blinders, and had no idea of the ongoing problems in Buentello's department. What happened next is well recorded in Walker county. It all came crumbling down, and Buentello was convicted of the harassment charges. It happened on Owen's watch, and was no secret around the office. Rick Perry has made a huge mistake, and Texas legislators have allowed it to happen. TYC needs an outside source to come in and take over. Another state raised politician of Owens caliber will only deepen the issues at TYC. Owen's people couldn't fix TDCJ's issues during his tenure here, and have not even made a dent, but now, he has been awarded another more important position? What were you thinking? Good luck TYC.
A Grits commenter also recently alleged that Owens covered up in the Buentello case. Sounds to me like some reporter needs to a) head up to Walker County to look at the courthouse records from Buentello's criminal case, and b) file an open records request to determine Owens' role, if any, in covering up Buentello's misconduct.

In related blog news, Capitol Annex and Paul Burka question Gov. Perry's decision to name Jay Kimbrough "special master" at TYC.

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