Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A few more TYC tidbits

Here are just a few more Texas Youth Commission-related highlights from the still-frothing media frenzy heading into tomorrow's public hearing:
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Anonymous said...

re: Ms. Cotton - I can't speak to the circumstances of her commitment (they may or may not be fishy, there's not enough info available for me to know), but the categorization that TYC has extended her sentence because of SOCKS?? Ohmygod.

Absolutely, categorically FALSE, and frankly, I can't believe no one from the inside has pointed that out. Where's Mr. Hurley when you need him??

Seriously. The sensationalism is totally out of control.

But it's okay..."SOCKS!!! IT'S BECAUSE OF SOCKS!!!" is certainly a much more entertaining headline, to be sure.

Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Henson,
I want to thank you for making this blog and amazingly current information available to us. Having (just about) everything we need to know, in one place, is a very valuable tool to us all. Also, allowing those involved in the situation (either directly or indirectly) to "vent" without the fear of losing their jobs or being disciplined- I'm sure has helped lower the blood pressure of some. In saying that, I hope it has also raised the blood pressure and fear factor of those who are or have been willing participants in years and years of abuse of both the staff and students of TYC.