Friday, March 23, 2007

Is there a relationship between frou-frou ties and bad public policy?

I noticed this story that said Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst's ties had been criticized. Funny, lately I've objected to his policies more than his accessories. Still, I did a quick search and thought I'd solicit readers' opinion on whether his ties deserve criticism.

I mean, sure, this one is a little on the frou-frou side for my tastes:

Okay so several of his ties run on the frou-frou side:

I haven't seen Dewhurst in this tie for a while, perhaps because of its unflattering resemblance to his complexion.:

OTOH, it could be worse.

Wait ... hold on just a moment. I'm being interrupted with this update:

It turns out it was his ties to energy giant TXU that were being criticized.

Apparently, his accessories are fine. It's just his policies (and on occasion, his historical analysis) that one might find objectionable. ;)

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