Sunday, November 12, 2006

Exporting prisoners, federal judicial nominees and the naked brain

I ran across these items surfing on my laptop while watching today's somewhat dull Cowboys-Cardinal contest:

Exporting prisoners like garbage. The Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer offers up a good post on states shipping prisoners off to other states for warehousing, asking, "Seriously folks, are we jailing too many people when we have elected officials proposing that we deal with our drug offenders the same way we deal with landfills and garbage?" Jamie also responds to a commenter in this Grits post about sex offender laws related to contacting minors online.

More Prisoners on MySpace. The Back Gate discusses the rise in the number of prisoners - they've counted thirty or more - with MySpace pages. Prisoners don't have internet access in prison, so somebody on the outside has to help them post written materials they send and receive by snail mail.

The Naked Brain. Corrections Sentencing offers this provocative item on technocorrections, philosophy, and the naked brain.

Most important potential change with new Congress. Jeralyn suggests many of President Bush's judicial nominations may be doomed. Fine by me. He lost me on his judicial appointees when he named Priscilla Owens to the federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

US Supreme Court takes on police chase controversy. Underdog Blog points to this Washington Post story about the US Supreme Court agreeing to hear Scott v. Harris, in which the court will "decide whether the Constitution permits police to use deadly force against a fleeing motorist whose only suspected offense is speeding or reckless driving."


Anonymous said...

re: the MySpace inmate pages

I saw Terri Langford's article on another site over the weekend, and decided to email her with my own personal thoughts on this, and for the second time that I have emailed a newspaper reporter, my email returned as undeliverable. I find it rediculous that they put up an email address if it's not working, and extremely rude if the email address IS working but it generates an undeliverable message!

I know the COs who think all inmates are scum are a minority, but I get tired of seeing their sensational and vicious attitutdes towards inmate families and friends as well. Its completely unnecesarry, and really suggests jealousy on the COs part. I hope their mothers are proud of them.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I agree with you, Sunray. I added a comment below the post on The Back Gate. best,