Sunday, November 12, 2006

'Strongman politics' and politiquera system lost appellate seat for Dems

Rep. Peña ponders the meaning of a Republican victory on the 13th Court of Appeals in South Texas in the midst of a Democratic election season. Good stuff. Read it if you care about Texas courts.

See also Grits' discussion of Texas courts in this election.

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800 pound gorilla said...

Hey, it has worked for Democrats for ages. They divvy out social service contracts to cronies along with higher level bureaucratic positions to prominent members of communities. The GOP learned this tactic from Democratic "liberals". The War on Poverty was as much a scam for looting the treasury as the War on Drugs. Many a contractor made millions training people to get them off welfare - so they could displace other workers and put them on welfare - while generally lowering pay scales for employers.