Monday, November 13, 2006

Houston rapper won't glamorize prison

The Underground Kingz, an influential Texas rap duo, will come out with its first album in several years in December, delayed because one of the pair, Pimp C, spent four years in a Texas prison for a parole violation on an aggravated assault charge. (He'll remain on parole through 2009.)

Pimp C, whose real name is Chad Butler, finished his time in stir with a new perspective, and has criticized rappers who minimalize or glamorize prison, emphasizing the impact on his children, family and loved ones who had committed no crime. Reports MTV News:
Pimp hinted this project would offer a more reflective tone for the Port Arthur, Texas, duo compared to their previous album. The rapper said his incarceration wasn't glamorous by any means, nor is it something he wants to glamorize or talk about much in particular (see "UGK's Pimp C To Be Released From Prison Within A Month"). Since his release, he's been outspoken about his rap peers romanticizing prison.

"It's not a party, it's not fun," Pimp said. "Jail affected my whole family. My family got locked up. My group got locked up. I lost when I went to prison. That's something to be ashamed of, and that's not a badge of honor. My youngest son was 8 years old when I went in. I came back and he's a teenager. I can't get them years back."

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