Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tale of a Texas Sex Offender

Visit Just Rants and Raves, a new blog billing itself as "A Tale of a Texas Sex Offender." He's describing what it's like being on probation for a sex offense in Arlington, Texas - a different point of view, for sure, from the policy wonk and law enforcement perspectives so often bandied about here on Grits. Give it a look. Here's a sample from his post on Halloween:
Most sex offenders are just everyday American males like myself, just guys who got caught up in a bad situation and took the cheapest way out. This is the point where the state tells me I am wrong and I should have no opinion, this is where I speak up and say I am sorry, I am sorry I talked and agreed to meet a female who was underage seven years ago. I know it was wrong and very poor judgment, that point has been made very clear. The problem I have with all this is; where does it end? In reality there was no victim, just me and a 35 year old cop, so what damage did I really do to the community? Did I hurt anyone? The system likes to play on victim rights, so if that’s the case what about my family and friends who did nothing wrong but are victimized daily by this also? My probation officer in some of her many witty statements have told me I should chase women. When I replied to her that I would like to find someone, it’s just not in my best interest. I am not cruel, why would I want to find someone I care about and drag them through the system along with myself? To that reply she just kind of looks at me with a blank stare because apparently this answer wasn’t in the operating procedure for probation officers she reads daily.


Anonymous said...

Most sex offenders have families, friends, relatives, and children. Some are required to register for much lesser crimes of flashing, prostitution, incest, and a host of other offences.

Contrary to the media’s torch, grouping all registered sex offenders as dangerous. Even the DOJ in a report states American politicians have lied.
This you can find on the Department Of Justice website,
November 2003, NCJ 198281.
Only 3.5% of new sex offences are committed by offender on the sex offender's registry. The remaining 96.5% are committed by unregistered citizens.
See how 3 year old children have been placed on the registry and how citizens are held indefinitely after teir sentence has been served.
See it now on You Tube at

Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting...
Another convicted sex offender blog.

Anonymous said...

Sex offenders...let me restate that...Sex offenders with minors...should have their testicles removed from their body...a child molester is a child molester is is a sickness that an adult would want to hurt and ruin the innocence of a ruins their life from that point on in most cases..they are defenseless! These people should suffer for the rest of their life, and more than likely something within the family upbringing has something to do with it...and if they stand by this person than they reap the consequences...for the rest of their life!!! DO you think that childs innocence is given back to them after the act? Then why should this offenders life go back to normal after their sentence...they arent punished enough if you ask me!