Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Will Democratic House Make "No More Tulias" Legislation More Likely?

With Democrats in control of Congress and Rep. John Conyers chairing the House Judiciary Committee, I wonder if we'll see the "No More Tulias" legislation resurface that Conyers co-sponsored with Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee last year? (See prior Grits coverage.)

That bill would require corroboration for undercorver testimony in drug stings using federal grant money, similar to Texas' legislation that required corroboration for informants, signed by Gov. Perry in 2001 after receiving bipartisan support in both chambers.

The "No More Tulias" legislation didn't move when the GOP ran things, so I hope this is one of the pieces of old business they pick back up as the Democrats prepare to seize the reins of power in Congress. One would hope that elevation of one of the bill's co-sponsors to the Judiciary Committee chairmanship would make it more likely to get a hearing.


Libby Spencer said...

In light of the current focus on the botched SWAT team raid in Atlanta, one might think now would be a good time to ask.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Good point, Libby! What a poignant case about the need to corroborate informants, and with something besides officers' testimony.

Anonymous said...

Sadly we only hear about a few of these atrocities. How many innocent victims are to afraid to come forward?? How many of those wrongfully killed, will ever have the truth be known??

As long as our courts, media and people accept the demonizing of our sons and daughters, to the point killing them and terrorizing entire families with out accountability, LITTLE WILL CHANGE!

One must take hope in the changes that have come about, while realizing there are " THOUSANDS " of Americans still behind bars who didn't get this attention thereby being denied nor receiving justice, FACT!

Is there any wonder why our people have lost faith, respect and trust in our Law Enforcement , Courts, Media and this entire system??

And why is anybody shocked when these " DEMONS " still chases their dreams and care for their families ANY WAY THEY CAN! And all for what?? So a Known and Proven Failure, known as the War On Drugs can continue to harm more people and our country and others???

There Has Got To Be A Better Way!!!

Rusty White

Libby Spencer said...

The Atlanta case and the gunning down of an unarmed man in NYC seems to have caught the MSM's attention. MSNBC has a good piece on sentencing that points out our prisons are stuffed full of drug offenders and Christian Science Monitor picked up the Atlanta story.

It would seem the time is ripe to badger the Congresscreatures.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic leadership will do nothing to reform or especially fix the drug war. It is what they want right now.

All of the right wing Jim Crow Democrat leaders who are running for president need to look tough on crime for their real constituents, the GOP moderates. The drug war is the Democratic Party vehicle for looking tough on minorities, the urban poor and the social nonconformists of America who express their nonconformity by intoxicating with proscribed intoxicants.

The Democrats are so much into the drug war as a tool of oppression that they even ignore the very real national security threats that the drug war poses for us all. To the drug warrior Democrats the growth of stateless global terrorism, al Qaida, is nothing more than collateral damage of the drug war. See my essay: "Our drug policy grants huge subsidies to our enemies".

Anonymous said...

TO: Libby Spencer, 11/30/2006 12:29 PM;

You are absolutely right about badgering the congressional Democrats. Now is the time. If any.

John Conyers is on the board of advisors for the Drug Policy Alliance. He will be the chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. This is the highest political position as reform person has ever held in America. Conyers needs us now more than ever.

We need to be writing to congress about all of these issues.

Recently I have been obsessing on a quote from a New York University professor and Afghan. expert, Barnett Rubin who told the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Sept.

"The international drug control regime, which criminalizes narcotics, does not reduce drug use, but it does produce huge profits for criminals and the armed groups and corrupt officials who protect them. Our drug policy grants huge subsidies to our enemies."

Dr. Rubin concluded: "If it were not illegal, it would be worth hardly anything. It's only its illegality that makes it so valuable."

At least two Democratic members of that committee are hoping to run for president in 2008, Joe Biden the incoming chair and John Kerry. Both are intransigent drug warriors. They, and all Democrats, need to hear from us now. And loudly.

I have posted some art based on the quote by Dr. Rubin. Its on my LeftIndependent blog. USA; a terrorist supporting nation. feel free to steal it. I'll be happy to remake it without my web page address on it. Just email me. aahpat -at-

Anonymous said...

America will never end the drug war based on innocent victims or drug users as victims. America will only ond the drug war based on the self-serving self-interests of drug warrior Americans.

For this reason I obsess on the fact that the economics of prohibition fosters the growth of domestic crime and international stateless terrorism. These are issues that even most drug warriors can't ignore.

The drug war is designed to victimize people so confronting them with their victims is a pat on the back for them. Tell them instead that their borders will never be secure while the $ 144 billion annual U.S. drug black market inspires entire industries dedicated to circumventing our best border security and they stop and listen.

U.S. border security? "Creating chaos and instability"
FBI still not connecting the dots
Plan Colombia: Informed Myopia