Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Red light cameras targeted for ban

I said there were some good bills filed Monday at the Texas Legislature amidst all the muck and mire, and a great example is HB 55 by Rep. Carl Isett (R-Lubbock), which would ban municipalities from issuing tickets based on red light cameras.

I wish him luck.

Last session, the Texas House passed similar legislation but it died because state Sen. Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) threatened to fillibuster if it made it to the Senate floor. Since then, Houston, Austin, and other Texas cities have moved to install the camera systems.

This year, if Isett and red light camera opponents want the legislation to pass, I'd suggest attaching it as an amendment to every single piece of germane legislation that comes over from the Senate on transportation issues. Let the Senate kill their own transportation bills, if they don't like it.

See prior Grits coverage of this topic.


800 pound gorilla said...

I would suggest that these cameras being "hidden" provide more of a deterrence to people, in a BFH who just gotta get somewhere quick cuz they overschedule, to drive with more caution than more "visible" police. People don't like being caught. It's the type A abusive go getters who are making the most noise about it. They know how to "work the system" the best and are infuriated by not being able to intimidate police. Hey, I lived with one as a kid so I should know. They don't care a whit about justice - except when it comes down on the ne'er do well down the street. They believe the world should revolve around them and have zero principles in politics.

Catonya said...

related...I saw this awhile back and have been meaning to drop a comment link about it.

Something seriously twisted about this part of it -
"Nestor keeps a $25 bounty for each ticket the company is able to issue."