Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sifting the Haystack

Please visit the new blog Sifting The Haystack, created by my dear friend (and sometimes yoga instructor) Tracey Hays. STH aims to separate myths and facts about syringe exchange programs, which if I'm not mistaken gives her a unique niche in the drug policy blogosphere. Say hello and give her some love; she was a little nervous about launching it but I think she's off to a great start.

Pointing to Grits' earlier celebration of National Meth Awareness Day, Tracey points out that 40% of meth users in Texas inject the drug with needles, according to this study of Texas drug use published earlier this year. That's actually an improvement: more than 80% of Texas meth users injected the drug in the '80s, said the same study. Harm reduction techniques like needle exchange in conjunction with treatment programs minimize the public safety impacts of injection drug use, including for meth.

She also has posted a glossary of terms related to syringe exchange programs for those without much background on the subject, which is probably most of us.

Tracey lives in Austin, sits on the board of the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition, and works for ACLU of Texas advocating for drug policy reform. After years of involvement on the subject now at a pretty high level, she's got so much knowledge crammed into her head that, believe me, it's a mitzvah for her to share it. Bookmark this one and check back regularly if needle exchange is an issue you care about.

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Anonymous said...

Well of course you can't find the needle in those big round hay bales! They're too tightly packed.

Remember the cartoons where haystacks were always a pile that looked like a sine curve, and Elmer Fudd would poke it with a pitch fork trying to skewer Bugs Bunny? Sigh ... they don't make haystacks like they used to.