Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Wretched Opinions from TX Court of Criminal Appeals

This week's Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Updates from the Wretched of the Earth features the CCA propounding on voluntary consent and love bites on the ass. I still think he should call this weekly feature "Wretched Opinions," even though Wretched agreed with the CCA about the ass-biting.


Mike Howard said...

What can I say, I'm all for ass-biting!

800 pound gorilla said...

Maybe when cw initiated violence, the defendant thought that it was more foreplay. Some people like their sex rough. Apparently cw had previously tolerated other "rough" sex and had objected to "ass biting". This is legitimate and just because the other sex was consensual doesn't make the ass biting consensual. In that case it would only be considered assault after cw notified the defendant of the nonconsensual nature of the biting[ie the first bite after the "stop it"!].